Johnny Rullán & Co is pleased to announce that we have started promoting Sanimatic ( equipment in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

For over 65 years, Sani-Matic has been providing process cleaning solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and personal care industries. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, Sani-Matic specifies, designs and manufactures sanitary process cleaning equipment including Clean-in-Place (CIP) Systems, Ultra-Flow Portable CIP Systems, Clean-Out-of-Place (COP) Immersion Parts Washers, PHARMiCAB Washer, IBC Tote Washers, and TACTiWASH as well as a supporting line of TACTiCAL SOLUTIONS to address our customer's unique cleaning requirements.

Sani-Matic CIP Systems are engineered for each unique plant and application requirements. Tanks and process lines can be cleaned more effectively with proper design and sizing while saving time, reducing operating costs, and improving worker safety. Whether you need just one tank or a complex multi-tank system, Sani-Matic CIP systems come with complete documentation to comply with all regulatory and validation requirements.

The patented Sani-Matic Ultra-Flow is a self-contained, portable system that is easily programmed to accommodate a wide variety of single-use, recirculated CIP applications. Designed for highly critical cleaning situations, the Ultra-Flow can supply a wide range of CIP flow rates and pressures while meeting cGMP and ASME-BPE standards. The Ultra-Flow110 is for process tanks up to 10 feet, while the Ultra-Flow45 is designed for tanks up to 4 feet. In contrast to a conventional CIP system - which must maintain a significant quantity of water in the supply tank to prevent pump cavitation - the Ultra-Flow needs a mere 6 gallons of water to maintain satisfactory head pressure. The educator return system draws solutions back without the need for a return pump and separates air from the wash and rinse solutions.

Sani-Matic's iMMERSION PARTS WASHERS replace costly manual cleaning with consistent, repeatable results from a controlled process. Each washer is built with specially manufactured jet manifolds to create highvelocity turbulence within the tank to maximize cleaning. Standard or custom baskets are available to reduce handling and damage of your valuable components.

Sani-Matic's PHARMiCAB is multi-purpose cabinet washer engineered to thoroughly clean a wide variety of items such as trays, pans, pots, buckets, totes, drums, tableting parts, hoses and utensils using a repeatable, automated process. Exclusively designed rotating spray bars ensure that cleaning solutions are evenly distributed inside the washer, providing complete and consistent coverage. The Porta-Rack design improves cleaning efficiencies by reduced handling, minimizing cross-contamination, and maximizing the number of units cleaned per documented cleaning cycle.

The Sani-Matic iBCWASH offers the ideal solution for washing IBC's, totes, tablet bins, and other vessels that contain hazardous or nonhazardous compounds. In addition to thoroughly and automatically cleaning the process items, the iBCWASH is also designed to clean the interior of the cabinet, which provides the operator protection from product residue. Containment is provided through the use of inflatable door seals. The standard design includes 100% recirculated cleaning by utilizing an integral recirculation pump and sanitary manifold assembly. Once-through rinsing is made possible through an optional external CIP system.

The Sani-Matic's latest advancement, the TACTiWASH, is a state-of-the-art glassware washer for cGMP cleaning applications. With a combination of spray nozzles and oscillating spray arms, this freestanding cabinet washer provides a high flow rate at low pressure to deliver complete cleaning. A diverse range of racks and baskets unsure the safety of valuable glassware and small parts. A blower, HEPA-filter, and electric heating element force hot air into the wash chamber and through jet rack spindles for thorough drying to complete the process.

We also provide TACTiCAL Solutions – consulting, engineering, design, installation, and support services – to share the industry's most extensive experience and knowledge with you in evaluating your process cleaning challenges.

Johnny Rullán & Co understands that cleaning is a necessary step in every production line and by helping you make the cleaning process faster and more efficient; you can focus on other key areas of production. Please let us know if you would like to receive further information regarding any of Sanimatics products. Thank you. For further information please contact us at 787-789-3050 or by e-mail to: