Upgrades to enhance the performance of your machines

We offer a number of upgrades for your Russell equipment, providing you with the flexibility to adapt your machines to future challenges or requirements you may face in your production processes.

Below is a selection of our most common upgrades to ensure your equipment is kept up to date and providing the performance you require helping you maximize productivity of your production process.

Increased safety & explosion proofing.  

All Russell Finex equipment can be supplied certified to operate in hazardous environments complying with directives such as ATEX and IECEX. This provides you complete peace of mind that the equipment you are installing will be as safe as possible, protecting both your plant and operators.

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Deblinding Systems
Ultrasonic and mechanical deblinding systems to overcome problems associated with screening fine or sticky powders.
Clamping Systems
A full range of clamping systems from quick release and self-adjusting to heavy duty clamp systems to meet your exact requirements. 
Magnetic Separators
High quality, sanitary design magnetic separators for the control of ferrous contamination. 
Motor Starters
The revolutionary Vibrastop™ is a starter for your vibratory sieve to eliminate excessive movement & noise during startup & shutdown. 
Product Flow & Oversize Control Devices
Control the flow of product as it enters the sieve or as it is screened, maximizing screening efficiency and minimizing product wastage. 
Mesh Screen Storage
The Russell Frame Guard™ is a high quality, durable storage system to protect mesh screens from potential contaminants and damage.
Seals & Gaskets
A range of seals and gaskets to suit all industries from pharmaceutical and food grade to high performance static dissipative, metal detectable and magnetic attractable gaskets. 
Dust & Containment Control
Minimize problems associated with dust from dry powders with the latest clamping, wet in place systems and range of flexibles.