The Code Name For Success: Domino

Domino’s reliable, flexible, and proven solutions are designed
to meet the rigorous requirements of your most demanding
secondary packaging bar code, text, and graphics applications.

C-Series Low-Resolution Printers

Proven valve-jet technology ensures exceptional
reliability and uptime for clear and cost-effective
large-character printing. These compact, easy to use,
and easy to install units deliver a choice of fonts at an
exceptional value.

Domino In-Line Bar Code Validation

Domino’s in-line bar code validation solutions ensure
bar code and text quality on your packages so they
move through major retailers’ automated distribution
centers without incident. Detecting poor codes and
monitoring code quality in-house eliminates the risk
of incurring large fines by the distribution centers for
product codes that fail to scan.

C-Series High-Resolution Printers

New drop-on-demand (DOD) ink jet technology
provides coding at a quality level that eliminates the
need for costly labeling and preprinted boxes, while
improving operational flexibility and product