Interphex PR 2009

Johnny Rullán & Co would like to extend our cordial invitation to this years Interphex PR 2009 Show. Like in previous years, the show will be held at the new Convention Center from January 29 through January 30. In order to save the $50.00 registration fee please log on to

We're looking forward to seeing you at our booth (location 1010)!

Johnny Rullán & Co is extremely proud of sharing our Interphex booth this year with some of the worlds best process and packaging equipment manufacturers such as L.B. Bohle, Proditec, Volkman, Optel Vision, Neoceram, Meissner Filtration, New Jersey Machine, LDS, and Sure Torque. Personnel from these companies will be available for consultation in our booth throughout the show.

This year we will feature the following equipment in our booth:

LB Bohle:
BTS Lab Mill and BGP-MF Lab Fluid Bed Dryer.

Proditec Inspect Tab 100 Electronic Tablet Inspection Machine: The Inspectab 100 can automatically sort an entire batch of 1 million tablets overnight and will run unmanned if fed automatically. Defects include: broken, chips, cracks, specks, picking, print or engraving imperfections amongst others.

This company specializes in air conveying of powders, tablets, caps, etc. They will have a demo unit available for your inspection.

Optel Vision:
Tablet Slat Filler Electronic Tablet Inspection demo unit. You'll be able to understand how our system works and see demo runs.

We will have on display our world class ceramic and Stainless Steel pistons for your inspection.

Meissner Filtration:
We will have an asortment of Meissner filters and technical personnel from the factory available for discussions.

New Jersey Machine:
We will feature a video showing our Cramer high speed electronic tablet inspection. NJM personnel will also be available for consultations regarding labelers and print & apply systems.

Sure Torque:
A table top Electronic Torque Tester will be on available for demonstrations.